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I cut half of my humongous beet into tiny strips and baked them with sweet potatoes, lentils, red cabbage and Japanese pears at 360 F for about 25 minutes. When the beets started to get soft and ready I added a few handfuls of shredded jalapeno goat cheese, walnuts and heirloom tomatoes.

To finish off the dish I drizzled some Creme de Balsamico over the beets and served them with baked salmon cuts.



Wednesday Veggie Lunch!

I needed that boost of nutrient packed warm crispy veggies as I was slumping down my desk chair wondering if I missed lunch. I must have since the sun was starting to glare my screen the way it does around 2 in the afternoon if I’ve forgot to close the blinds. It had to be simple, quick and healthy and my go-to is usually; any vegetable I can find in my fridge with olive oil, herbs and Parmesan cheese for 15 minutes in the owen. I eat A WHOLE LOT of sweet potatoes and brussel sprouts, they are two constant vegetables in my fridge. Healthy, fun and oh so yummy! I added some baby broccoli, yellow peppers and heirloom tomatoes with a dash of lemon pepper and sea salt. About 12 minutes in, I tossed a handful of grated parmesan, fresh basil and micro greens on top and let it all melt together. Parmesan makes the world go round. I served my symphony of gooey yet crispy vegetables with a few spoonfuls of peach chutney and a splash of California Just Chili Hot Sauce I freak’n love my hot sauce. Lunch time!