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Bringing LINGONBERRY to the Next Level!

There’s nothing like “Lingonsylt” when you’re homesick, and it functions much like Ketchup, it goes with everything!  Lingonberry preserve is a staple in Swedish households and added to breakfast oatmeal, hasbrowns, pancakes, liver patties and much more. In the US, you’ve likely encountered it at old faithful Ikea, accompanied with meatballs and cream sauce, sound familiar? Sometimes I just stop by Ikea for some tea-light candles, lingonberry, an occasional jar of pickled herring and tube of Kalles Kaviar... all items that calms that homesick feeling.

Most Americans are not familiar with the lingonberry. Lingonberries grow wild in Scandinavian forests and in Northern Canada. These wild berries flourish in the summer during the midnight sun. They are small firm berries with a slightly sweet and slightly sour flavor. Lingonberry Preserve is a traditional Scandinavian food with an exotic flavor.

Over the years, I’ve come to experiment with Lingonberry preserve. I needed that extra kick so I decided to take Lingonberries to the next level by adding Califonia Just Chili hot sauce and fresh grated ginger, it really works! I use it as a glaze over baked salmon, as a condiment to sweet potatoes and veggies, in my lingonberry cabbage slaw and much more.

I long to pick my own Lingonberries (you lucky Swedes) and make homemade preserve with natural organic ingredients, but for now (since the US department of agriculture wont like me filling up my suitcase with fresh picked berries) I settle with the Ikea or Felix kind.

2 dl Lingonberry preserve
about a teaspoon of Cali Just Chili hot sauce (or any other hot sauce)
2-3 tablespoons of fresh grated ginger
mix it all together!

Fresh Ginger


Have you ever been frustrated when grating fresh ginger? You grate and grate but all that appears on the other side of your tool is a soggy mess sticking to the tiny metal holes? For easy grating, and long lasting ginger; store this tasty whimsical root in your freezer and you’ll become a happy grater! (Pre-pealed is even better).

You can also keep your onions in the freezer and your crying days are over!


Blood Orange Ginger Walnut baked Salmon

We eat more Salmon than any other fish and I try to do something different every time. One of our favorite is wild caught Atlantic salmon, baked with my a blood orange ginger glaze and topped with crushed candied walnuts. A delicious sweet and spicy glaze that works well with the natural flavor of salmon.

For the glaze; I use a few tablespoons of ‘blood orange marmalade’, add at least one or more tablespoons of fresh grated ginger and top that off with a squeeze of lemon juice and some squirts of California Just Chili hot sauce.

I mix it all together and spread the glaze evenly over the lightly salted salmon cuts. To finish it off, sprinkle some crushed candied walnuts and then bake the salmon in the owen at 350 degrees F, for 10-15 minutes and it’s done!