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It can be tricky navigating all the new trends, superfoods and health products out there dying for your attention. So how do you really now what you should be eating?

A lot of my kitchen play and experiments take inspiration from this fabulous book called “10 things you need to eat,” written by Anahad O’Connor and Dave Lieberman. At first sight, the title and cover appealed to me. Great, 10 things to focus on first, should be easy, then I can simply add ingredients that I already know are good for me and go from there. The cover made me smirk a little, showing off cute tiny drawings of fruit, nuts, quinoa, fish and such that I was already in love with. Perfect fit, this book would give me more knowledge of vegetables and grains that I already enjoyed cooking with. I simply didn’t know it would be this fabulous, it’s very funny and an easy read, yet super educational and interesting, plus full of recipes. It helped me establish a good healthy eating routine and gave me key ingredients to play with in the kitchen. 

I love this book so much that I added it to my resource section and included some information of what I learned about each of the 10 things you need to eat. I hope it inspires you and maybe you even take the plunge and buy the complete book. Enjoy!

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