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Let me get this Straight!

My hair isn’t curly, nor is it straight. I got this irregular wave going on that most often needs to be tamed with a round brush blow dry. I have struggled and given up on that perfectly natural straight blond Swedish hair that some are blessed with, and embraced the natural waves over the years unfortunately looking like the typical American news anchor at times.

My flat iron is collecting dust in the drawer, I never mastered that thing and felt that it was taking away the volume if not plain and simply frying my hair which looses volume when you’re hair isn’t there anymore. I am a loyal and avid Kerastase user, however, since my stylist Rose recently moved to a Bumble and bumble salon I’ve had the opportunity to try some new fun products and found this “Straight” gooey gel substance that actually WORKS! It doesn’t leave my hair thin and fragile, it simply helps to straighten the hair using my dear large round brush and somehow, it adds some bounce and volume to it as well. I am impressed and must give some props to Bb!

Also, I do think it would work well for you ladies still addicted to your flat irons, it might ease the burn.

Straight by Bumble and bumble @ Sephora



Lip glosses are probably my number one make-up craving, I seriously don’t think I could live without them, put me on a stranded island I will first and foremost miss my lip gloss!  I’ve searched the world for the perfect one and so far this is as close to sublime as I’ve come. It tingles, taste good and gives off a sheer peach tint. Compare to other “plumpers”, and I don’t usually go for plumpers, this one just fills in the “gaps” and smooths out while moisturizing. No sticky feeling at all!

Peach Glow, Lip Plumper by Laura Mercier.
Find it at Sephora or let me know, I’ll ship you one.