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Bringing LINGONBERRY to the Next Level!

There’s nothing like “Lingonsylt” when you’re homesick, and it functions much like Ketchup, it goes with everything!  Lingonberry preserve is a staple in Swedish households and added to breakfast oatmeal, hasbrowns, pancakes, liver patties and much more. In the US, you’ve likely encountered it at old faithful Ikea, accompanied with meatballs and cream sauce, sound familiar? Sometimes I just stop by Ikea for some tea-light candles, lingonberry, an occasional jar of pickled herring and tube of Kalles Kaviar... all items that calms that homesick feeling.

Most Americans are not familiar with the lingonberry. Lingonberries grow wild in Scandinavian forests and in Northern Canada. These wild berries flourish in the summer during the midnight sun. They are small firm berries with a slightly sweet and slightly sour flavor. Lingonberry Preserve is a traditional Scandinavian food with an exotic flavor.

Over the years, I’ve come to experiment with Lingonberry preserve. I needed that extra kick so I decided to take Lingonberries to the next level by adding Califonia Just Chili hot sauce and fresh grated ginger, it really works! I use it as a glaze over baked salmon, as a condiment to sweet potatoes and veggies, in my lingonberry cabbage slaw and much more.

I long to pick my own Lingonberries (you lucky Swedes) and make homemade preserve with natural organic ingredients, but for now (since the US department of agriculture wont like me filling up my suitcase with fresh picked berries) I settle with the Ikea or Felix kind.

2 dl Lingonberry preserve
about a teaspoon of Cali Just Chili hot sauce (or any other hot sauce)
2-3 tablespoons of fresh grated ginger
mix it all together!



Pukka organic herbal teas make me happy! Not only are they full of flavour and rich in therapeutic benefits, the packaging is so fun and creative. Pukka, translated from Hindi mean ‘genuine’ or, more colloquially, ‘top-quality’. Pukka use herbs from fair trade and sustainable sources.

Check out the Pukka Tea Room for all their delicious teas and Discover your Dosha by taking the dosha quiz!

Pukka’s headquarters are in Bristol, UK. All you Europeans should be able to find it in your local markets. Americans can visit your neighborhood Vitamin Shoppe, or their online store.



Trader Joe’s Wake Up Blend in my wonderful coffee mug by Ulrika Brüderle, a perfect mix of an American favorite and a Swedish gem. It’s a beautiful Friday morning in San Diego!



It can be tricky navigating all the new trends, superfoods and health products out there dying for your attention. So how do you really now what you should be eating?

A lot of my kitchen play and experiments take inspiration from this fabulous book called “10 things you need to eat,” written by Anahad O’Connor and Dave Lieberman. At first sight, the title and cover appealed to me. Great, 10 things to focus on first, should be easy, then I can simply add ingredients that I already know are good for me and go from there. The cover made me smirk a little, showing off cute tiny drawings of fruit, nuts, quinoa, fish and such that I was already in love with. Perfect fit, this book would give me more knowledge of vegetables and grains that I already enjoyed cooking with. I simply didn’t know it would be this fabulous, it’s very funny and an easy read, yet super educational and interesting, plus full of recipes. It helped me establish a good healthy eating routine and gave me key ingredients to play with in the kitchen. 

I love this book so much that I added it to my resource section and included some information of what I learned about each of the 10 things you need to eat. I hope it inspires you and maybe you even take the plunge and buy the complete book. Enjoy!


Just Chili, Just Right!

I figure it’s time to tell the world about my love affair with this fabulous HOT SAUCE!!! Some of you Swedes are most likely grinning right now, knowing it’s sitting there untouched in your pantry since Christmas, probably thinking it’s too hot or not knowing what to do with it (exception for you Gabe). No worries, I’ll get you all fresh ones come New Year. “California Just Chili Hot Sauce” is made locally here in San Diego by Bill and Sherry Ingram of Point Loma, a family owned business with a great concept. They have created this perfect chili sauce that doesn’t make your taste buds go all numb (unless your name is Em), it simply enhances any dish you add it to without overpowering it. Our fridge is always fully stocked!


Playing around…

Check back soon to see what’s growing in the garden, chopping in the kitchen and filling up the pantry…